We are looking for dedicated, smart, and down-to-earth real estate professionals to help grow our tightknit team. We’d love for you to be part of the next chapter.

Why GreenBench?

There’s a reason people feel comfortable working with us. We’re fun. We’re relaxed. We’re candid. We try not to take ourselves too seriously. And most importantly, we get the job done.

At GreenBench, we are defined by the fundamental belief that we leave a lasting positive impact on others, whether we’re working with them for a few years or a few hours.

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Working at GB has been very rewarding. It’s great working with a small team of highly capable industry experts. The leadership is supportive and empowers team members to take on challenging projects.

– Cristian Hernandez



I love knowing that I can go to anyone on our team with a question and walk away smarter. Having a team behind me that has seen it all gives me the confidence to take on anything a project throws my way.

– Ben Seketa



We are constantly learning from each other, growing our skill set, and going above and beyond for our projects – all while having fun in the process. It’s why I enjoy being part of the GreenBench team and why our clients love working with us.

– daniel bonilla




I discovered a group that unites its clients, partners, and employees under the same common mission of delivering the most successful developments possible.

– suzanne robertson




Being part of GreenBench means being part of a team with endless possibilities. We believe in taking ownership of all roles and responsibilities in order to deliver exceedingly successful projects.

– Gary Kressler

One of my favorite aspects of working at GreenBench is how dynamic my days are given my range of project clients, teams, types, and locations. Whether it’s the stage of the project, the type of meeting I’m attending, or an internal office learning session – each day is different than the last which has added to my constant personal experiential growth.

– Gil Erlich