Daniel Bonilla

Development Manager

Daniel actively leads projects and advises clients throughout all aspects of the construction process. He plays a crucial role in design development, budgeting, permitting, procurement, construction, and turnover.

Daniel leverages his past on-site construction management experience working with a sophisticated general contractor to bring clients a valuable perspective on constructability, coordination, and quality.

He appreciates the unique challenges that every project brings and recognizes that proactivity, effective communication, resourcefulness, and innovative problem-solving are key to project success.

Daniel holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering with a minor in Engineering Geology from Bucknell University.

Did You Know? / Fun Facts

  • Hiked to the top of the Santa Ana Volcano in El Salvador
  • Learned to build a fire from scratch after drawing inspiration from Cast Away
  • Knows how to moonwalk, but reserves the move for special occasions
  • Strong DIY spirit—Designed his own custom engineering grid paper to use in college and took apart and fixed a TV and a dryer machine
  • Nearly collided head-on with a large manta ray while snorkeling in the Indian Ocean






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